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New Member Information

Welcome to SEIU Local 668!

SEIU Local 668 is Pennsylvania’s social services employees union representing over 19,000 workers in all 67 counties in the state. Our Local has grown over the years to make our voice louder by combining different groups of workers into one large, strong organization. We are part of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is a union with over 2 million members in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico representing service employees. Our Union is strong because our members are strong—and we continue to build strength and unity for a better tomorrow.

Our Local’s Core Values
We believe in and will fight for a just society:
Where all workers are valued and people are respected;
Where all families and communities thrive; and
Where we leave a better and more equal world for generations to come.

Our Leadership
SIEU Local 668 has two statewide elected officers–President Steve Catanese and Secretary-Treasurer JoAnne Sessa. SEIU Local 668 also has a Statewide Executive Board, SWEB, that meets quarterly to discuss Union business and development. This board is made up of a number of Chapter and Committee Chairs and statewide elected members. Learn more about SWEBChapters, and Committees now!

Get Involved!
The best way to get involved with your Union is to attend meetings in your shop (workplace). If regular meetings don’t happen in your shop, you can work with your Union stewards or contact people to start having them.

Your Business Agent and Internal Organizer are the staff persons from your Union who are assigned to support members in organizing their workplaces.

Outside of your particular shop, there are many ways to get involved with your Union either in your home Chapter or in one of our statewide standing or labor-management committees. There are also occasional opportunities to take a leave of absence from your job to work full-time for our Union on organizing and political campaigns.

Learn more about SEIU Local 668 in our New Member Booklet!

Learn More Now
Want to get politically involved? Learn about our COPE Committee, what your voting rights are, and when the next elections are coming up today!

Interested in attending a Chapter meeting? Find your home chapter today and register for the next meeting now!

Want to learn even more? Watch a video featuring long-time member and active retiree Jim Young on our Local’s history, download a PDF copy of our New Member Booklet, and meet your union sisters and brothers online by joining our Together We Rise! Facebook group.

Membership Application: PLRB Units –– All members employed by public sector employers (like the State or a county) use this card.

Membership Application: NLRB Units –– All members employed by non-public sector employers (like an organization or non-profit) use this card.

Retiree Application -- All members who formerly worked in an SEIU Local 668 shop are eligible to become retiree members. Stay politically active and join our Retiree Committee today!

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