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COPE Committee

COPE stands for Committee on Political Education. It is a non-partisan Political Action Committee (501(c)(4)) Fund made up of voluntary contributions from members like you. Membership dues can’t be used for partisan political purposes. COPE lets us have a stronger voice in the political process.

Committee Chair:
Reneisha Knight

Committee Reps:
Chapter 1 Thaddeus Oslak, Retired
Chapter 2 Vacant
Chapter 3 Beth Mikus
Chapter 4 Vacant
Chapter 5 Martin Coffee
Chapter 6 Vacant
Chapter 7 Vacant
Chapter 8 Vacant
Chapter 9 Josh Campfield
Chapter 10 Vacant
Chapter 11 Keya Perry
Chapter 12 Stephon Payne
Chapter 13 Michael Baker
Chapter 14 Paul Marchelitis

Alternate Reps:
Chapter 1 Mike Butler, Retired
Chapter 2 Laurie Kubli, Retired
Chapter 3 Michael Steinmiller
Chapter 5 Patti Defibaugh, Retired
Chapter 8 Lawrence Funck, Retired
Chapter 9 Scott Palmquist,
Chapter 12 Joel Levin, Retired
Chapter 13 Jay Bickford,

Christopher Hundley

Union dues cannot be used for political purposes here in PA. Therefore, please consider donating to COPE to help us support Labor-friendly political champions.

Check out SEIU Local 668’s position on key issues here.

Know Your Voting Rights
Visit the VotesPA website for more information on requesting a mail-in ballot, finding a ballot drop-off box in your voting district, finding your polling location, or reporting suspicious or fraudulent voting activity.

The Civil Service Act and Hatch ACT
All individuals who hold civil service positions in the Commonwealth are prohibited from participating in partisan political activities.
These regulations limit a state employee from holding political office, participating in a political campaign and general political work.

To learn more on the limitations of your political activity, please read the State Civil Service Commission’s “Political Guidelines for Civil Service Employees” brochure.


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