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SEIU Local 668 is a democratic union, which means the organization is led by a President and Secretary-Treasurer, who are elected by the members for a three-year term. These Officers are the leaders of our union, who are responsible for the daily operation of the union and resolution of all union business. They oversee all union staff and maintain a close working relationship with committee and chapter chairs.

Additionally, the membership elects three trustees to ensure adherence to financial policies of the local union. The trustees conduct annual audits of all financial systems and related records of the treasury and present the results to the governing body.

For structural and representation purposes members are represented in geographical regions by Chapters. Members are also represented by work committees; State Unit Work Committees represent members that work in the commonwealth, Local Unit Work Committees represent members that work in local units and Standing Committees represent members for specific issues or special interest groups. The Chapter and Committee Chairs are elected by their members.

The general policy-making body of SEIU Local 668 is the Statewide Executive Board (SWEB), which has the authority and duties set forth in the Constitution. The affairs of the union are conducted through SWEB, which meets quarterly.

SWEB consist of the statewide President, statewide Secretary-Treasurer, board members representing chapters, board members representing employer/agency work committees, the trustees and the representatives of the standing committees. The three trustees and the standing committee representatives shall be non-voting members of the board. Each chapter shall have one representative. Each employer/agency work committee shall have at least one representative. Over an initial 500 members or part thereof, each employer/agency work committee will be entitled to an additional representative.

Learn who represents your chapter and work committee here.

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