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The general policy-making body of SEIU Local 668 is the Statewide Executive Board (SWEB), which has the authority and duties set forth in the Constitution. The affairs of the union are conducted through SWEB, which meets quarterly. SWEB consist of the statewide President, statewide Secretary-Treasurer, board members representing chapters, board members representing employer/agency work committees, the trustees and the representatives of the standing committees. The three trustees and the standing committee representatives shall be non-voting members of the board. Each chapter shall have one representative. Each employer/agency work committee shall have at least one representative. Over an initial 500 members or part thereof, each employer/agency work committee will be entitled to an additional representative.

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SWEB Members--Updated June 2021

Steve Catanese, President SEIU Local 668
JoAnne Sessa, Secretary-Treasurer SEIU Local 668

Carol Foster-Allen, Trustee
Mike Baker, Trustee
Ray Martinez, Trustee

Tammy Jo Rodgers, Chapter 1 Chair
Eric Dodd, Chapter 2 Chair
Scott Tkach, Chapter 3 Chair
Kristopher Grimes, Chapter 4 Chair
Amy Varner, Chapter 5 Chair
Barb Hetrick, Chapter 6 Chair
Cheryl Little, Chapter 7 Chair
Andy Hilt, Chapter 8 Chair
Ron Kurek, Chapter 9 Chair
Danyel Jennings, Chapter 10 Chair
Julie Elliot, Chapter 11 Chair
Damon Allen, Chapter 12 Chair
Christine Guzman, Chapter 13 Chair
Kimberly Hillard, Chapter 14 Chair

Sarah Tilley, BDD Chair
Jason Harvey, BHSL Chair
Shelley Rhodes, BVS Chair
Amanda Baker, CAO Rank + File Chair
Nina Coffey, CAO Rank + File Voting Member
Jennifer Edmonds, CAO Rank + File Voting Member
Denise George, CAO Rank + File Voting Member
Amy Kanas, CAO Rank + File Voting Member
Luis Marengo, CAO Rank + File Voting Member
Zach Perkins, CAO Rank + File Voting Member
Jason Reinhardt, CAO Rank + File Voting Member
Rachel Gall, CAO Sups Chair
Joe Novak, CAO Sups Voting Member
Andy Woll, Corrections Chair
Stacey Thomas, Corrections Voting Member
Essex Christie, MH Chair
Maria Ferrey, MR Chair
Christian Yetter, OCDEL Chair
Tonia Frank, OES Chair
Brad Mengel, OUC Chair
Chris Good, OUC Voting Member
Aleece Rearic, OVR Chair
Sabrina Harrell, State Miscellaneous Chair
Tony Pecorale, YDC/YFC Chair

Tom Troyan, 911 Chair
JoAnne McDermitt, Aging Chair
Laura Gellner, Children + Youth Chair
Don Meadows, County Miscellaneous Chair
Nancy Natale, Courts Chair
Denise Sharper, Drug + Alcohol Chair
James Schultz, Education Chair
Ruth Howard, Juvenile Detention Chair
Hawah Kamara, MHMR Chair
Sarah Adenaike, MHMR Voting Member
Betty Coli, MHMR Voting Member
Jeffery Tolbert, MHMR Voting Member
Albert Olive, Prisons Chair

Paul Gambill, Civil + Human Rights Chair
Ronnessa Edwards, Community Services Chair
Nina Coffey, COPE Chair
Katie Oladaker, FUEL Chair
Jeffrey Bullock, Grievance Chair
Jennifer Edmonds, Health + Safety DHS Chair
Laurie Haines, Health + Safety L&I Chair
Shawn Domenico, Mobilization Chair
Patti Defibaugh, Retiree Chair

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