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Contracts and Constitution

SEIU Local 668 Constitution – The 668 Constitution lays out the rules and regulation of the union, including the structure, elections, member rights and much more.

SEIU Constitution and Bylaws – The International Constitution and bylaws outlines the rules and regulation of the union, which governs how the locals operate.

SEIU Code of Ethics - You can find additional information on the SEIU Local 668 Code of Ethics here.

SEIU Standing Rules

State Contracts & MOUs
2023-2027 State Contract

2023-2027 MOU

2019-2023 State Contract

2019-2023 MOU

2016-2019 UC Referees

2016-2019 State Contract

2016-2019 MOU

2015-2016 UC Referees

2015-2016 State Contract

2015-2016 MOU

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