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Contracts and Constitution

SEIU Local 668 Constitution – The 668 Constitution lays out the rules and regulation of the union, including the structure, elections, member rights and much more.

SEIU Constitution and Bylaws – The International Constitution and bylaws outlines the rules and regulation of the union, which governs how the locals operate.

SEIU Code of Ethics - You can find additional information on the SEIU Local 668 Code of Ethics here.

SEIU Standing Rules

Copies of contracts are available to every member in the Member Portal. Login to the Member Portal and you will be able to download/view a PDF copy of your most current contract.

State Contracts & MOUs

2019-2023 State Contract

2019-2023 MOU

2016-2019 UC Referees

2016-2019 State Contract

2016-2019 MOU

2015-2016 UC Referees

2015-2016 State Contract

2015-2016 MOU

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