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Shop Steward Information

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We will have more information about 2023 Shop Steward Training soon!

New Employee Orientation Steward Toolkit
SEIU Local 668 has designed a “New Member Experience: Steward Toolkit,” a collection of materials and tips designed to empower stewards and member leaders to recruit new hires into the union. Whether at a new employee orientation or in the workplace, stewards should be equipped to welcome, sign up, and educate new members about what the union is and how we build power.

Shop Steward References and Materials
Downloadable version of SEIU’s “Complete Steward Manual”

Learn more about holding virtual shop meetings now!

Find resources and documents to file grievances in your shop.

Commonwealth Shop Stewards will have access to the new Accelerated Grievance Procedure starting Fall of 2020. Learn more about the AGP today.

Find expense forms and sign-in sheets here.

Learn about the benefits offered to members nationally through the International Union.

Review Shop Steward Training Materials now.

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