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The Truth Behind The Freedom Foundation

August 18, 2021

The Freedom Foundation is not on the side of working people in Pennsylvania

Who They Are:

The Freedom Foundation Lies: The Freedom Foundation send mailers out to employees stating: “you will not lose your pension, health insurance or pay increases” if you drop union membership. In reality, it’s our collective action and power in numbers that helps to ensure we don’t pay sky-high insurance premiums and still receive competitive pay increases. Without our strength in numbers and union protection, the employer can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

The Reality: Retirement benefits, employee contribution, rates to health insurance, and raises are all part of your contract. Union members and leaders bargain with employers for those rights in the contract. Without a union, the employer can void the contract, increase your health insurance payments, eliminate sick and annual leave, and change your salary.

In a fundraising letter, the Freedom Foundation admits they are on the side of big business and against working people.

Tell Them ‘No’: Let the Freedom Foundation know that you’ll be sticking with your union and will continue to support and advocate for your sisters and brothers across Pennsylvania.

If the Freedom Foundation contacts you, please let is know by completing this form.