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SEIU Local 668 Members Ratify Four-Year Contract with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

August 18, 2023

SEIU 668 Commonwealth members overwhelmingly approve new 2023-2027 State Contract.

SEIU Local 668 Commonwealth members ratified an agreement for a new, four-year state contract by an overwhelming majority. The ratification process took place over the last several weeks, with members participating in both in-person and remote meetings to review the tentative agreement prior to voting.

This agreement will provide over 10,000 Commonwealth employees – many of whom have served as essential employees prior to and during the pandemic – with pay increases, healthcare protection, and improved contract language.

“After months of difficult work, our Negotiations Team is proud that we were able to secure a multi-year agreement for our members that will provide stability and help retain vital public servants over the coming years,” stated SEIU Local 668 President Steve Catanese. “Commonwealth employees don’t go into their fields expecting to get rich. Often they’re forced to deal with overwhelming workloads and limited resources while doing vital work. But they always approach this work with dignity and commitment and deserve a contract that respects them and reflects that.”

Members across the Commonwealth took action in their shops and online, demonstrating solidarity with one another and commitment to an agreement that recognizes our contribution to the community. This contract is an acknowledgment of the essential work and services our members provide to our communities and their dedication throughout the extraordinary events of the last four years.