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PHMC Members Ratify First Contract

June 28, 2021

PHMC Members Ratify First Contract

Philadelphia, PA - Yesterday, the professional staff at five Public Health Management Group (PHMC) health clinics, voted to ratify their first contract. The bargaining unit includes nurse practitioners, social workers, physician assistants, and other clinical staff who strive to provide the best possible care to the underserved communities of Philadelphia.

These dedicated professionals have been bargaining their first contract since January 2020. Negotiations moved slowly, and in the spring of 2021, came to a complete halt, but the negotiations team persisted. Now, after a successful vote, they have a three-year agreement in place, which includes:

A labor-management committee that will meet regularly improve care in the PHMC clinics and a grievance process for employees;
Guaranteed annual raises, an 8% wage increase over the life of the contract;
Access to training and mentorship for the professional staff to advance their knowledge and improve patient care.
The professional staff is optimistic that the contract will help improve the working relationship between management and employees. “We are looking forward to joint problem solving with management.” said Lea Riveccio, SEIU Local 668 member and Physician Assistant We're on the frontlines with patients every day, and our input will improve patient care and retain qualified staff.”

SEIU Local 668 is excited to welcome the PHMC professional staff into the union and congratulates them on their first contract. “These professionals worked hard to negotiate their first contract,” said Steve Catanese, President of SEIU Local 668. “Their passion for their work and care for the community they serve shines through.”

About SEIU Local 668

SEIU Local 668 represents nearly 20,000 health and human services workers, including those who work as employment and youth counselors, social workers, corrections and probation officers, ChildLine and 911 operators, drug and alcohol counselors, and court employees, among others. Approximately half of our members are employed by the Commonwealth, and another 9,000 work for the municipal, county, and private employers across the state. Our members are a diverse group of individuals of varying ethnicities, political affiliations, and beliefs, but they are united by their dedication to serving our constituents – the people of Pennsylvania.