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Member Organizers Needed

August 18, 2022

Sign-Up to Become a United We Win Member Organizer Today!

Many of us are aware of the very serious threats we face as union members at this very moment. We're all accustomed to dealing with our employers and difficult workplace fights, but we are on the precipice of the very laws that we operate under to be erased. Special interests have invested billions of dollars in building a vast network with the ultimate goal of weakening the union to the point of irrelevance and taking away your ability to have a democratic voice at the workplace. They're one election result away from this happening.

Now it's up to us to make sure that we don't just exist -- but thrive. We need to be ready for whatever happens. And we need your help to achieve this.

In the coming weeks, we'll be launching the United We Win campaign. This seven-week, corner-to-corner of the Commonwealth, inside-and-out campaign will be focused on building power in our shops, signing up new members, developing new leaders, and assessing strengths to build upon and weaknesses to address as we encounter them.

How can you help? We need members willing and able to work for SEIU Local 668 during the campaign as member organizers. You'll be taking short-term leave from your employer and working to strengthen the union while working with us.

You can apply at this link:

Learn more about becoming a Member Organizer with SEIU Local 668 now!