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2023 Member Portal Information & Shop Steward Elections

January 20, 2023

Shop Steward elections will take place January-March via the Member Portal. Create your account today!

SEIU Local 668 Steward elections are happening this January. The first step to participating is signing up for the SEIU Local 668 member portal. You can find the member portal on the top right-hand side of our website. Nominations for Stewards and voting will take place on the member portal. So sign up for the portal today!

Watch this video to learn how to nominate and vote for your Shop Steward.

Check out the instructional video to make a Member Portal Account.

What does the Shop Steward do?

You do not have to do all these things yourself. For example, engage the membership; maybe you have a member who loves to talk to new co-workers and ask them to help with new employee orientation. If you can’t attend a chapter meeting, ask another shop member to be there and report back.

Who can be nominated for Shop Steward or Alternate Shop Steward?

Shop Steward Election Process

Shop Steward Frequently Asked Questions